Analysis Of Greek And Roman Technology

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The technology and engineering used within the Roman Republican and Empirical eras define the current understanding of Roman society today. The ingenuity of this immense people, specifically seen within contributions made to agricultural, mining, transportation, and most notably, civil engineering technologies, characterize modern interpretation and appreciation of Roman society. The advancements made by the Romans, engineers specifically, have allowed portions of ancient buildings, bridges, and temples to withstand millennia, permitting individuals around the world to admire and experience the magnificence of this great civilization. In addition to the cultural impact that the Romans have had upon modern society, the today’s scholars have been able to obtain and interpret sources of historical information that are rarely found anywhere else in the world. In this way, the world’s classical empires have been able to have lasting and significant impacts upon modern humanity. Within this chapter review, the strengths and weaknesses of chapter sixteen within the recently published Themes in Roman Society and Culture: An Introduction to Ancient Rome will be examined. This chapter, written by Milorad Nikolic from Memorial University, gives a brief summary of certain aspects of Roman technology, the adaptation of other ancient technology for Roman needs, and a short summary of the Roman innovators behind this technological development. Writings within this chapter will be compared to K.D. White’s Greek and Roman Technology, a publication from nineteen eight-four that focuses upon the technological advances of the ancient Greek and Roman societies. Themes in Roman Society and Culture aims to introduce first time classics students to the... ... middle of paper ... ...r own exploration of the material. If a general understanding of an aspect of Roman society and culture is sufficient for your studies, then I would feel that Themes in Roman Society and Culture would be a great text to achieve your goals. If a more specialized understanding is wanted, say one that goes into great detail within one certain aspect of Roman civilization, than consideration of a more advanced and focused text would be recommended. Nevertheless, when the writings of both texts are considered, it can be acknowledged that a considerable amount work is still needed to be done in order for greater and further understanding. In order for a higher level of comprehension to be reached in this field of analysis, the need is great for new and innovative collaborative work between scholars of many different fields and specialities throughout the academic world.
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