The Roman Empire was Powerful

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The Most Powerful City in the World Rome is the powerful city in the world and is most notable for its majestic land. Rome has the most eye appealing architectural structures and the most well trained militias throughout history. Rome has the ability to draw in people by the millions with the beauty of the land and well developed militias that armies today can only dream of becoming. Rome has become the model city that many cities aspire to become. Many would define Rome as the most powerful city in the world, especially when comparing the two elements of architecture and war. Architecture is the staple of the struggle of one’s people, the height of one’s success and the motivation to conquer when one is defeated. It reveals more about one’s people than what the entire populace is able to utter in words and symbols. Architecture has the most influence on one’s people than perhaps the people themselves. Architecture has power, gives hegemony, and empowers its people. It comes to no surprise that Rome is considered the more powerful cities in the world because its architecture reveals the most about its reign. Rome is most known for their architectural designs much of which had influences from Greek culture. They were enthused by their Etruscan neighbors that guided them to develop knowledge that became essential in creating the design works that they utilized for future art works (Trueman). Given their new found knowledge and influences from Greek and Phoenician cultures they were able to implement some ideas into their own stately figures that reflect their lifestyle. It was then that Roman architecture flourished throughout the Empire and Pax Romana century (Trueman). Their architectural designs resembled a wealthy lifestyle. A... ... middle of paper ... ...em a powerful city because it impacted the lives of people around the glove for centuries. The major component that makes a city “Great” is the power that they have. The power that is in Rome resides in their architecture and war. The architecture are representative of its people that fought in battle whilst, its wars are illustrative of their ability to conquer in that they have been most successful. Works Cited Atlantis. Atlantis International. 2010. 30 01 2014. J.M. The Romans. 05 03 2000. 30 01 2014. Links, Crystal. Crystal Links. 2000. 29 01 2014. Trueman, Chris. History Learning. 2000-2013. 30 01 2014.
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