Analysis Of Domestic Violence In Pakistan

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This paper is a cross-cultural comparative analysis of domestic violence within the countries of India and Pakistan. Domestic violence can occur when there is a former or current partner within a relationship utilizes their dominance and control in the relationship through different forms of abuse such as; physical, sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse which ultimately results in trauma to their other partner. Based on WHO statistics, 35% of women worldwide experience some form of violence' class='brand-secondary'>domestic violence. Domestic violence is becoming a recognized worldwide epidemic that has been followed by grave psychological and physical trauma on women and children.
Domestic violence against women is an epidemic in India. Between the ages 15-49, 1 in 3
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The women in Pakistan face varies threats from a multitude of domestic violence by their family and officials from the state. Domestic violence against women is most commonly found in the middle and poverty classes, whom have a lack of finances which ultimately make them more assessable to criminals and the state. There has been research that shows domestic violence is more form of structural epidemic than casual. This structure is viewed and confirmed as a normal structure in society, the country condones oppression of women while tolerating the domestic violence against them which they retain their consist dominate…show more content…
When it comes to Pakistan domestic violence we must acknowledge the factors and signs of domestic violence against women. The next step is seeking solace in family members or peers, they can influence the behavior of victim/abuser and help smooth out the situation or prevent further abuse. The community solution which consist of schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces can have a positive role whether is can be direct or indirect on the victim or the abuser within the partnership. Then finally there is society, whom is responsible for allow the promotion of violence against women. This includes pass traditions, cultural norms, law and order,

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