Violence: Cognitive Therapy, And Cognitive Therapy And Domestic Violence

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Violence is common around the world. We see it everyday, but what happens when violence enters the home of a married couple or a simple relationship. What was once a happy couple in love suddenly takes a sudden turn into violent and aggressive behavior. A behavior which is addressed as Domestic Violence. There is much more to the matter, such as causes, preventing the violence, treatments and who it affects. All which play a very important role in the world of domestic violence.
When domestic violence occurs there is always many triggers that lead to the outburst. The signs are usually mistaken with “simple relationship issues” every couple goes through, but the signs are what should be avoided from the start. At first the waters will be tested. The spouse will begin to get slightly aggressive testing the outcomes from the actions. When the outcome or consequences do not turn into a serious matter, such as calling the cops or being put in jail, the spouse slowly begins to grip his hands around domestication. After testing the waters the dangers truly begin. It could happen anywhere, going out to a restaurant or simply at home. Low self
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Increased and safety, support, and therapy are few treatments that are the most effective. When the victim feels safe from the danger, the feeling of the situation never happening again also brings peace to the mind. Cognitive therapy (CT) or cognitive therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are two of the greatest ways to help out both the victim and the abuser according to The National Center Domestic, Trauma & Mental Health. Cognitive behavioral therapy is learning to think about something differently education and skill-building to put new thoughts into practice. Cognitive therapy address three areas of concern to abused women. Areas such as trauma-related guilt, histories of other traumatic experiences, and likelihood of ongoing stressful contact with the abuser in relation to

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