Analysis Of Combining Organizational Development And Leadership In Social Organizations

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A great leader has the ability and capacity on leading other individuals to achieve greatness. What makes this leader stand out is their capacity to lead different types of individuals. In today’s society, leading individuals is not an easy task since individuals have different characteristics when is comes to work. Individuals have different methods of achieving their daily task of work. Individuals are either very work strong and achieve their highest ability to achieve greatness then there are individuals that achieve the very minimum in a work setting. A great leader will have the capacity to lead these individuals by having different methods of achieving the work standard in a workplace. In the article, “Social Organizations,” by Robert Prodanciuc talks about different methods of achieving greatness in a workplace. He examines was makes an astonishing leader within the…show more content…
The author Gemma Gorge (2011) conducted a study with combining organizational development and organization design. The name of the research, “Combining Organizational Development (OD) And Organization Design: An Investigation Based on the Perspectives of OD And Change,” which should interesting facts about organizational development and organization design having a positive correlation. According to Prodanciuc, “ starting from the work of Henri Fayol, the author shows that the organization must be organized and administrated (206).” The above two researches both have positive correlation about organization and leadership. One cannot do the other although doing both can help expand the mood of the workplace. Organization is going to take place at the beginning of the organization’s existence and has to be maintained throughout the duration of the organization. New methods can lead to better management of the organization although have a successful organization needs great leaders to keep it

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