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Chris Brown’s Apology: Rhetorical Analysis In 2009, singer Chris Brown was arrested for the brutal assault against his then girlfriend, singer Rihanna. When word got out about the assault, the world went into a frenzy. Fans all across the world were talking about it, news and radio stations followed the story and gave viewers every little detail they could; everybody wanted to know what happened. Soon, photos of Rihanna’s severe injuries from the assault were released and witnesses were coming out with extra details to the already scandalous case. This news changed the way the public, critics, and fans looked at Chris Brown and Rihanna, and eventually the events that transpired between the two would change the scope of their careers. That…show more content…
Mid-apology, he states, “I take great pride in being able to exercise self-control and what I did was inexcusable. I’m very sad and very ashamed about what I’ve done. My mother and my spiritual teachers have taught me way better than that.” Other than, as stated previously, attempting to relate to people on a spiritual and domestic level, Brown relates to people on a emotional level. Stating that he is “very sad” and “very ashamed” is a lukewarm attempt to prove to the public just how sorry he is. Chris Brown gave this apology with the purpose of encouraging people to believe that since he is sorry and disappointed in himself, he should be forgiven, especially since, other than this isolated incident, he is “able to exercise self-control.” Later in the apology, he says “As many of you know, I grew up in a home where there was domestic violence, and I saw first-hand what uncontrolled rage. “ This is an address to his fans and an attempt to gain sympathy. Considering the topic at hand, most people would not know that there was domestic violence in Brown’s childhood, unless they had done some sort of research about him. Typically, people do not know specific details about a celebrity’s life and past, unless they are on some level, fans of the said celebrity. By reminding his fans that his childhood was surrounded by domestic…show more content…
However, when taking a deeper look, one has to question whether expressing regret was the only motive behind the apology. In reality, a celebrity’s reputation is just as important as their career; what they stand for, what they do, and how they present themselves are all factors that people take in to consideration when deciding who they like and subsequently, who they’ll support. If this apology had been meant for Rihanna’s ears, Chris Brown would have fed her those lines in private. The fact that he felt it necessary to release the apology to the public, proves that on some level, it was meant to appease the public and the people within it: parents, fans, critics, and anyone else willing to listen. This apology was not solely meant for Chris Brown to apologize; on a greater level, this “apology” was an attempt to salvage and repair what was left of his broken reputation. This apology was an opportunity for Chris Brown to subtly beg for the public, who at one time loved him, to forget all the bad that he did, and love him again; or more specifically, keep buying his albums, going to his concerts, and watching his

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