Analysis Of An Italian Restaurant: Olive Garden

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There are thousands of different restaurants around the globe where people can either wait five minutes for their lunch in a drive-thru lane but pay for rude service and processed food, and some where formal attire is required and food and beverages are so expensive they break the bank. But what if there was a restaurant that offered both? A restaurant where service is top-of- the-line, food is warm and fresh, and the setting is elegant but inexpensive? A restaurant like this is not easy to find but thankfully, it does exist. The highly popular and many-favorited Italian restaurant, Olive Garden is the place to be. Opened on December 13th, 1982, in Orlando, Florida, Olive Garden quickly became the fastest-growing Italian-themed restaurant in …show more content…

Olive Garden’s appetizers, entrees, desserts, and drinks are all uniquely created and absolutely delicious. The restaurant aims to provide their guests with a little taste of Italy and all the items on the menu are made fresh and brought out warm every time. The most popular and loved items on the menu are seen at almost every table - salad and breadsticks. Bonus, they are complimentary and unlimited. Not only is the food delicious, but it is also healthy. Olive Garden offers healthier alternatives which include gluten-sensitive items and lighter Italian fare, which are entrees under 575 calories. Delicious and healthy food is great, but can also be expensive sometimes. Luckily, Olive Garden takes pride in being able to say they are affordable for everyone. Their food comes with great quality and hefty portions at a price that can’t be matched with other restaurants. The large entrees range from $11 to $20, including free salad and breadsticks, which no other restaurant offers. Complimentary Andes chocolate mints are given out upon the guests’ departure and it is the perfect way to end a guest’s night on a positive

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