The Environmental Issue From Hell By Bill Mckibben Analysis

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Synthesis #3

The articles “The Environmental issue from hell” by Bill McKibben and “The Obligation to Endure” by Rachel Carson both talk about the environmental consequences that people have caused. However, McKibben writes about Global warming and argues that it is a moral responsibility to preserve the earth, while on the other hand, Carson writes about pollution of the earth caused by man. McKibben article makes good points and supports his claim with facts which makes his article valid. Carson supports her idea with adequate information and factual evidence which also makes her article valid.
In McKibben’s article, his opening paragraph is an overlook of global warming and how It has been an issue that we have yet to resolve. In Carson’s
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Mckibben states that the only way to it will become a political issue is if it becomes a personal issue first. He also argues that the problem needs to become a political issue as well to handle the problem in a larger scale. Carson’s supports this idea by also reaching out to the public to stop the use of harmful pesticides. However, while presenting this idea, McKibben uses an emotional appeal, stating “all the people that will ever be related to you” which presents the need for Affiliation which weakens his…show more content…
She states that mans assault upon the environment is the contamination of the earths air, rivers, and sea. The basis for Carson’s idea is to exhibit the main cause of pollution, which is backed by McKibben’s point on global warming. McKibben’s states that, carbon dioxide is the enemy and the people responsible for its production are us. In support of his claim, McKibben produces evidence on the effects of global warming around the world to articulate the negative effect that man has caused. Mckibben uses examples of how rising water temperature could effect the coral reef and mentions that polar bears are already 20 percent scrawnier due to melting pack ice which lessens their opportunity to hunt. In support of McKibben’s statement Carson also adds that “man can hardly even recognize the devils of his own creation” further strengthening this point in both articles by expressing that man is the

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