An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge Essay

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An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce provides a lot of realism throughout the story. Bierce makes the story seem so real that it felt like it was actually happening throughout the story. He makes the reader believe that this whole thing is real. He does this by describing the soldiers in the exact position they are standing. The way they hold their gun. Bierce gives specific examples about the nature in the story. The last thing that Bierce use to determine realism is when he describes about how it all ends in the fantasy part of the story. Bierce uses the soldiers, nature, and the ending of the fantasy story to describe how realism ties in An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge. When Bierce describes the soldiers, he spots out each of the soldiers and the difference of each one he can see. He first spots out the “lieutenant stood at the right of the line, the point of his sword upon the ground, his left hand resting upon his right” (Bierce 318). I think that Bierce uses the lieutenant first to describe how he is in high rank in the army. The sword shows that he is dominate, the sword means that he is well trained with using the sword in battle. Then …show more content…

A strange, roseate light shone through the spaces among their trunks and the wind made in their branches the music of the aeolian harps” (323). I think that Bierce is trying to show that Peyton needs to head this way to reach safety. Follow the music and good things will happen for you. Also, a light that shows you the path defiantly is the way to head. He uses these examples to make us believe that Payten and the reader are going to escapes and reach safety. Many people believe that these signs are realism we have signs given to us each day. These signs guide us to safety and for help in trouble situations just like Peyton

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