An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge: A Manipulation of Time

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An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge Essay An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge: Present-Past-Present Ambrose Bierce’s An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, which is a short story released in 1890, gained much popularity over the years. It is most famous for it’s manipulation of time. Though the events in the book only take seconds, the story is over eight pages long. Time seems to slow for the man in the noose and at the same time speed up for the reader. In this way, Bierce presents his manipulation of time in the story. The story starts off in the setting of a hanging. A gardener named Peyton Fahrquhar awaits his fait and thinks of his family for the last time. Below him is what is described as a madly racing stream. peyton stands on a plank and attempts to plan his escape. If he could only loosen the ties on his wrists and lift the noose from his neck to plunge into the water and make a break for home where his family would be. While he thinks about these matters his eyes wander down towards the stream and catch a piece of drift wood floating along the suface, seeming t...

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