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Computer programming can as well be defined as a process that leads from an original formulation of a computer problem to execute problems. Computer programming is also referred to as programming. It encompasses other activities such as understanding, analysis and generally solving problems that result in algorithm, verifying the algorithm requirements and coding algorithm in a target program language. The program also involves the implementation of the build system and managing derived artifacts like computer programs machine codes. Most often, the algorithm is represented in human-parseable languages such as Java, Python, Smalltalk among others.
The Purpose of Computer programming:
Programming is more fun and astonishingly useful as it build your creativity and creates new career doors for those passionate about it. Most people today don’t really know how a computer works even thou they can simply turn on a computer or a mobile phone by just clicking on some buttons or swiping a finger or two and the computer does what they want. Learning how to write computer programs will require one to understand how a computer works.
Computer programming servers the purpose of finding a sequence of instructions that are able to automate the performance of specific tasks or solve defined problems. Programming process therefore requires expertise in a variety of other subjects such as the knowledge of application domains, formal logic and specified algorithms. Computer programming is usually regarded as one phase in a software development process within software engineering.
Ongoing debates on computer programming:
One of the prolonged debates majors on the extent to which program writing is a form of ar...

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... books that touch on such subjects as well as the specific language one may want to learn. Amazon reviews or other similar sites usually help when it comes to distinguishing good books from bad one.
 The next thing is getting an interpreter for the specific language one desire to learn. An interpreter is just a separate computer program that normally translates written ideas in a programming language into a machine code enabling one to see things work. There are numerous programs and all that is needed is just a choice of a program that meets the particular need.
 The other thing one can do is to try to put together their ideas to form any working program. This can be done by starting with simple things, such a program that converts currencies as one works their way into things that are more complex as one continues to read and learn about computer programming.

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