An Appraisal of the Techniques Used in ASDA for Monitoring and Improving Customer Service

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An Appraisal of the Techniques Used in ASDA for Monitoring and Improving Customer Service

Asda is a huge organisation and they know that the secret to being

successful and reliable is to provide good Customer Service. Asda

monitor the customer service progression via Benchmarking. This method

in used by many organisations and is helped to show the performance of

Customer service with other supermarket outlets. Asda can improve

Benchmarking but they have to set standards and monitor the progress

of themselves and competitors.

Here is a list of Advantage for Benchmarking:

§ Imitating and improving on best practice can lead to cost reduction

§ Gives a target to aim at

§ Can lead to improved quality and productivity

§ Enables genuine comparisons of performance to be made

Here is a is of Disadvantages for Benchmarking:

§ Badly performing companies can find matching best practice


§ The organisation needs the culture and structure to change

§ The organisation must be willing and financially able to improve

§ Companies may be unwilling to reveal the secret to their success

Other techniques used by a lot of organisations like Asda are called

Appraisals; this is looked at by observations of employees at Asda. It

will show the performance and possible changes that could be made to

improve in the later future. Appraisals are normally set in stages.

Stage 1 of the Appraisal is to decide a purpose for an Appraisal

system. This could either be an:

§ Employee survey- can be used to work out whether the employee has

settled in well to their new surroundings.

§ Appraisal Interview- can be used to give employees constructive

criticism and changes that need to be made to their attitude towards

the work.

Stage 2 is to put the Appraisal into use this could be done by talking

to employees and giving them constructive criticism and this can make

the Asda employees up there game by working towards improving in there

department and putting there ideas to use.
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