An Analysis of Terrorism

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An Analysis of Terrorism

On September 11, 2001, every person was stunned with the earth shaking news that the World Trade Center (WTC), the highest building in the world was attacked by terrorist. This was done by hi-jacking two commercial airplanes which plowed the two famous sites. More than 5,000 American was feared dead. This was the most recent and most devastating terrorist act that brought terrorism into the timelight.

Terrorism is a term of uncertain legal content. The term itself has no definition of illegality, except when terrorism commits acts which do apply to common law. Some of the acts that a terrorist commits are murder, bombing, kidnapping, hi-jacking, hostage taking and theft. All these acts have a law in the civil penal code that makes a terrorists activity a crime against society. Terrorism is also viewed as a political act against a government and it’s citizenry, secondly, it is viewed as a coercive means to change some policy through the application of violence upon society . Finally terrorism adheres to the unlawfullness of acts as a mode of political change. For the purpose of this study terrorism is defined as a strategy whereby violence is used to produce certain effects in a group of people so an to attain some political end or ends.

Terrorism can be traced back in Iran since the 12th century. A group of Ismailis (Shiite Muslim) known as the Assassins, attacked religious and political leaders of Sunni Islam. Up until the 18th century, the purpose of terrorist attacks was religious. In the 19th century terrorist became more political, with the idea of attacking governments. Anarchists, people who don’t like the government, used terrorism in Spain and Italy. Before the wor...

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...d Pentagon from considering themselves to be good Muslims, nor the Jews who uproot Palestinian homes or Serbs who kill Muslims in Bosnia from considering themselves to be good Jews or Christains. Arguing with them about the "true" nature of their religion is a waste of time. They might indeed by "good" Christians, Muslims or Jews, but are in the end bad human beings.


Based on the Conclusion, the researchers recommend the following:

1. Conduct a survey and indepth analysis of the causes of terroristic acts.. It is by understanding the root cause the one can seek solutions.

2. We must all join forces and fight against terrorism, because what happened today in the United States of America is not a human act. There is no good reason for killing thousands of innocent people just because you don’t like the way it’s government behaves.

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