An Analysis Of Tesco And Uber's Marketing Strategies

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In this unit I will be analysing the different marketing techniques that are used in businesses, in this case Tesco and Uber, and I will be also researching how these companies use the market to their advantage and try beating competitors.
Ansoff’s Product Matrix:
This consists of four sections which include Market Penetration, Product Development, Market Development and Diversification.
As you can see on the table there are 4 potential outcomes when using the Ansoff’s Matrix which include ‘Existing Product’ and ‘Existing Markets’, which are not risky at all, or there is the option of joining a ‘New Market’ and creating a ‘New Product’, which are high risk high reward methods usually for companies that can’t be effected if these methods do not work.

Describe the Marketing Techniques Are Used To Market Products In 2 Organizations [P1]

Market Penetration:
Market penetration is the percentage of customers a company has in a target market,
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This new feature has had constant exposure on social media and has dished out vouchers so that customers all around the UK and USA know that they can now order a taxi to bring their food and every step of the way can be analysed with a map in the app that’s shows how far away your food is. At first no one saw the point in ordering food with Uber eats but it proves to be much more convenient than ‘Just Eat’ or ‘Hungry House’ if you want to order food while you are out and about.
Describe the Limitations and Constraints of marketing [P2]
Uk legislations are normally carried out by a respected company that’s called ASA or the Advertising Standards Authority. ASA Always checks ads in all media and regularly carry out surveys of advertisements of adverts that might be socially unacceptable or do not follow the legislations. In this task I’m going to be explaining the different Limitations and constraints of marketing.

Consumer Rights Act

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