An Analysis Of 'Proofs' By Richard Rodriguez

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A sacrifice is a strong action in which one is willing to put a priority before oneself. “Proofs” is an essay written by Richard Rodriguez about a Mexican adolescent teen who narrates the harsh reality of his family members going through immigration. The essay focuses on the differences between the American lifestyle versus immigrant lifestyle. “The Apology: Letters from a Terrorist” is an essay written by Laura Blumenfeld. It’s about how her father was shot by a terrorist. Thirteen years later, she decided to visit the gunman’s country to get an apology to her father, to find out how he feels about the situation, and what happened in his perspective. In both pieces of writing, family is a strong theme that is shown in multiple ways.
In “Proofs,” a sixteen year old boy narrates his father crossing the border between America and Mexico. To begin, Rodriguez says, “He wanted books. He had none. You are lucky, boy” (415). This referred to when the father had nothing and how the son is fortunate to have a better life than his dad did. Throughout the essay, Rodriguez has small segments in which the son and the father have
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The father in “Proofs” wants what is best for them and their future. Blumenfeld puts her life in danger for her beloved father when she follows through with her mission, and Omar gives up his life for his family when he’s a part of the organization. Another similarity towards the theme of family is the emotional bond both essays capture. They both give point of views through different eyes, but the reader can still catch the theme in all angles. For example, even though “Proofs” is narrated by an adolescent, it doesn’t mean the reader can’t feel the emotions the father faces, and likewise with “The Apology: Letters from a Terrorist.” It’s written by Blumenfeld herself, which can be a little misleading, but the emotions from Omar’s end are completely unbiased and still deeply
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