An Analysis Of Peculiar Benefits By Roxane Gay

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Peculiar means odd, strange or unusual. So how could benefits be peculiar? It’s how we as people make it to be, as Roxane Gay emphasizes in her article “Peculiar Benefits,” published in 2012. Roxane Gay argues how we must move past the dispute as to why we must recognize privilege to get past societal problems and to not allow its meaning to continue to become diluted. Gay builds a strong argument mainly through audience adaptation, language and her choice of rhetoric was effective enough to affect my perception on her point of view. Gay begins her article by first mentioning how her parents took her on an unexpected trip which educated her for the future. Since Gay was a child when she witnessed all the poverty and uncleanliness of the…show more content…
Gay is formal throughout her article when necessary, which is mostly throughout her piece, but also somewhat sarcastic when mentioning an ignorant dispute that could’ve easily been avoided, such as when she mentioned how many people play the pointless and dangerous privilege game by matching demographics (Gay). With this example given, she proves how unbiased she is, because throughout her article her main argument was “to understand the extent of our privilege, the consequences of our privilege and to remain aware that people who are different from you move through and experience the world in ways you might never know anything about” (Gay). However, towards the end of her article she moves from one end of the spectrum to the other end by recognizing how some people like to play with the thought of privilege and how they possibly take it to an extreme level by questioning possibly everything, as mentioned before with the demographic matching game, to see who has more and less privilege, rather than using your current privilege to benefit one another. She uses the correct word choice to then put together a strong formal

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