American Dream Reflection

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The video, Novel Reflections on the American Dream, begins by telling the viewer about the aspect of the American Dream. The American Dream is all about possibilities, freedom, and living the life you desire. The first and most memorable written form of the American Dream was in Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography. The video then proceeds to tell about all the novels that have been written about different aspects of different authors’ American Dream experiences, and their search for possibility and freedom. The next segment of the video tells about Theodore Dreiser’s Sister Carrie novels, and Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth. Carrie Meeber, Theodore’s great creation, comes to Chicago uncertain about what is to come in her future, but ready…show more content…
In today’s world, you have to be high class or know people with authority to get to high places. In the 1900’s it was just as hard as it is today to live the American Dream. People desire to be famous or to have a thick pocket, and it still drives humans crazy. Being black or white, or male or female, made a huge difference in achieving the American Dream in the 1900’s, this still remains true today. Everyone still wants more every day, and loves to have bragging rights. Americans are never satisfied with what they have. I believe that’s how the American Dream became what it is today, having goals and just wanting more to brag about are two different mind sets. The American Dream has made a difference in many Americans throughout the years; it is a way of life, something you choose. Listening to the video, hearing about different journeys that were taken attempting to live the life of the American Dream, makes me realize why it is so hard to achieve big goals. You cannot just have strength and will power, living the American Dream takes so much more than anything physically possible. Either you won’t be satisfied with the things you have to do to make it to a higher place, or you won’t let yourself do those things and you just won’t make it. It’s hard to make yourself noticeable these days unless you are being inappropriate or you are born with a high class last
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