American Dream Changing Youth

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The American dream is changing because most of the youth of America realize that they don’t need billions or even millions of dollars to be happy. Of course, there are some that think becoming a millionaire is the only way to be truly happy, however most of the youth today don’t. The original American Dream can be found in The Constitution of the United States of America, it basically states the American dream is having the rights to, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. This was the dream for the Americans at the start of the country, but the dream changed during roaring twenties from having freedom to getting exorbitantly rich. Now the dream is changing again from earning as much money as you possibly can, to renting out a house, …show more content…

The first two reasons are mostly luck (except for stock brokers) and one cannot expect to earn their riches in this manner. That leaves the final option for the majority. Work long and hard to get rich, because get rich quick ads and emails are just scams. Most of youth don’t want responsibility and to have to do stuff, like this essay for example. That is why the American dream is “dying”. The dream itself is not actually dying it is just drastically changing. A lot of youth want to just do the bare minimum to get by in life. According to MarketWatch, “The number of teens with summer jobs has fallen roughly 30 percentage points since the late 1970s”(Hill). Also according to this site the numbers haven’t just dropped because they are lazy and don’t want a job, but most are in summer school and cannot get a job. On the topic of summer school, “Of Chicago’s 431,000 public school students, 200,000 — or 46 percent — are enrolled in classes this summer. That is double the number of students who went to summer school in 1996, according to school district spokesman Keith Bromery”(Durand). The doubled number of students at summer school can be associated with a lot of factors like students struggling with classes, very few are trying to get ahead in classes, and of course lazy students. The lazy students that don’t want to work are a perfect example of where the American dream is going. They realize that they can get a 401K at McDonalds, so if they can scrape bye by taking orders why would they need to work hard? Of course, their logic is flawed because they will not receive enough money at places like McDonalds to pay for their life and will need other assistance, mostly from the government. However, their ideals make perfect

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