Why Is The American Dream Alive

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The American Dream has been alive since the start of America. When the American Dream was first written in 1931 it spoke of a richer, fuller life. The people believed they could achieve it by working hard and they had to earn the American Dream. The dream was attainable for almost everyone since they just had to have a richer fuller life. There was not necessarily a set amount of money, saying if someone has earned that much money that people had achieved the American Dream. It looked a little bit different for each and every person because each person did not and still do not have the exact same life. The American Dream is very different now.
The new dream is more about the money. The American Dream is now about having the biggest and the …show more content…

People think that since someone has to be or look really rich that it is impossible to achieve. When those people try and prove that the dream has died, all the people sitting on the side of the road are brought up or the fact that some apparently have to be a pro athlete or a world renown surgeon to make enough money to achieve the American Dream. Not everyone in America will be a world renown surgeon or a pro athlete. Some people also support the act that the dream is dead by saying that part of the American Dream was to make it so many people can achieve the dream and that is not possible since it is dead. Also it is even a less of a chance to make a living in the U.S. for everyone, especially people coming from other countries who had a hard life in the countries that most of the people are coming from. In this quote Donald Trump speaks about the American Dream;”Sadly the American dream is dead” (Trump). The current president of the United States believes that the American dream is dead, but he also believes he can bring it back to life. There are people out there that believe that the dream just kept getting bigger and harder to achieve that people just stopped trying to achieve it so it just died out. Benjamin Todd Jealous talks about how the dream cannot be reached with minimum wage;”No person can maximize the American Dream on the minimum wage”(Jealous).Most people just thought it was impossible to achieve and did not believe that anyone could really achieve it. The impossible is still possible with hard work. Also why would people want to come to America to achieve the dream if it was dead and there was no

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