Social Mobility In The American Dream

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The American Dream, recognized as being the earning of a college degree, the owning of one 's own home, taking vacations and experiencing upward social mobility, is a very important belief that helped create the success that America is today. Many people believe that anyone who works hard and has determination can achieve this American Dream. In this day and age, experiencing the American Dream is believed to no longer be as available to Americans as it once was. The economy and corporate America have had a strong impact on the availability to reach this state of success. Everyone wants to live the American Dream, whether they know it or not. I have never met a person who did not want to become successful. Even I had a strong belief that the …show more content…

I do not agree with this concept. Many people do not end up being on the same area of the social class ladder as their family is or once was. I believe that social mobility is the main reason as to why the American Dream is no longer available as it once was. There are three different types of social mobility: intergenerational mobility, structural mobility, and exchange mobility. Intergenerational mobility is defined as "the change that family members making in social class from one generation to the next" (Henslin, 237). An example of this would be if a child ended up being part of a different social class than that of their parent 's. Structural mobility is "the movement up of down the social class ladder that is due more to changes in the structure of society than to the actions of individuals" (Henslin, 237). Simply put, structural mobility means that even if an individual is hard working and very intelligent, they still may not end up moving up on the social class ladder. Structural mobility is a huge reason as to why the American Dream is not achievable for all Americans

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