American Civil War

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Slavery The American Civil War happened around the time President Abraham Lincoln was elected on November 6, 1860. The southern states were not pleased that republicans were planning to have an anti-slavery law. This caused all the confederate states to secede from the other colonies and they elected a new president which was Jefferson Davis. Slavery played a big role in the civil war and was one of the causes which made it happen. Even though President Lincoln tried to bring back the confederate states by keeping slavery where it already existed but the confederate states weren’t impressed and opened fire on Fort Sumter As President Lincoln kept insisting that this war was not to free slaves but to reunite the union the confederates weren’t buying it. While the confederates were using the slaves to help them in the war by working in factories, hospitals, and armories; the north refused the aid of their slaves. After President Lincoln released the last Emancipation Proclamation then they started accepting slaves into the army to help them win the cause. They were discriminated and p...
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