Ambition And Greed In Macbeth

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Macbeth shows how greed and ambition can bring down a person as well as others and how the changes of power occur because of loyalty and betrayal. Macbeth is the play’s main unhappy character. The play tells of Macbeth's greedy thirst for power is a dangerous trait.
The play begins with Macbeth being a benevolent person. Later in the play Macbeth began to kill when he was in battles and I believe this is where his inner turmoil began. King Duncan awarded Macbeth the title of Thane of Cawdor due to his loyalty and killing a high level conspirator to Scotland. The three witches who predicted Macbeth would be king gave him a lot more ambition to make this prediction come true. With this prediction hanging on his heart and the want to be more than he currently was, Macbeth realized that the completion of the prophecy may require scheme and murder on his part. Macbeth was still faithful and wanted to share everything with his wife.
Lady Macbeth was so influential when it came to her husband. She frequently asserted many notions into her husband head that it changed him. Macbeth would not speak of killing the king, but now he was considering it. Macbeth was given reassurance in this concept when he was bestowed the title, king, killing the Duncan, and not being caught. He let the power finally wash over his morals and
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Neither character had the opportunity to enjoy what they had achieved. Shakespeare shows to the audience how power can take a person to unforeseen heights in the world but at the same time make them more exposed to the unforeseen threats and attacks to one’s character. Shakespeare demonstrates, it is more satisfying to work hard at meeting your goals fairly, than to achieve them through dishonesty. No one should jeopardize their morality and ethics to get ahead. Absolute power corrupts and power corrupts
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