Thematic Theme Of Ambition In Macbeth

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Ambition can be a good thing for success if used in the right way. In Macbeth, Macbeth’s and Lady Macbeth’s ambition caused the death of Duncan, Banquo, and many others to allow Macbeth to keep the crown. In the end, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth suffered downfalls that led to their death. Malcolm, Duncan’s son, was then crowned King of Scotland. The overall thematic concept that we used for our poster is ambition. The movie poster and its symbols reflect the audience’s emotions that they will have throughout the story visually. The symbols show images that appear within the novel of Macbeth. Symbolic colors were also used to add more characteristics to the symbolic images. Ambition was the core of the novel, and is shown in many quotes of Macbeth.…show more content…
Pale skin is used to symbolize the royalty that Macbeth and Lady Macbeth have if you were pale then you were considered rich or of royal nature because you did not have to be outside laboring. Ambition plays a role by their want which is royalty, and the pale skin shows that they received the crown. The color purple is also used to represent royalty. The purple represents the royalty they have after the actions that they performed to ease their ambition. It is used on the tattoos and the sword to show that it was used to receive the royalty. Another color that was used to symbolize ambition was red. The red represents the blood that was shed by Macbeth’s and Lady Macbeth’s “enemies” that stood in their way of getting the crown. The background of the poster is purple which fades into red, and descends into black shows the progress of Macbeth starting off being a noble thane, which is represented by the purple, Macbeth turning into a murderous killer is represented by red. Finally, the death of Macbeth, the downfall, because of his overwhelming ambition, is represented by the eerie, death ensuing…show more content…
To make these decisions we factored in their appearance, past roles, and characteristics of their personality when playing a role. To start with, Chris Hemsworth is strong, rugged, and built looking, much like we would imagine Macbeth to be because of his fighting strength. We know he is a good fighter because of the titles he has in the beginning of the book, so he must be built. Next, Chris Hemsworth has played roles of superheroes, which Macbeth is looked at to be a “Superhero” in the beginning, but superheroes can have a tragic downfall, because more times than not, they get a little cocky with their notable strength. When playing these roles Chris is looked to be a strong and usually plays male lead roles in movies, which Macbeth is. Our next choice is Angelina Jolie for Lady Macbeth. We chose her because she looks to be a sweet lady when she needs to be, but also can be cunning and deceiving when she needs to be, much like Lady Macbeth. Her strong facial features, such as her high cheekbones and full lips make her look like a strong female role. Her past roles include an animation feature of her in Beowulf, where she is the mother of Grendel. In this version she convinces and manipulates Beowulf with her words and her strong looks, just how Lady Macbeth does in the first killing with Macbeth, and we believe she would be able to do the same in the movie
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