Alfred Adler 's Theory Of Personality Centered On The Importance Of Society

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Alfred Adler directed his attention to searching for immediate results to the issues of the patient. The assumption of Adler’s individual psychology is that social factors and goals for the future are the motivating factors in human behavior. It was Adler’s position that people needed to have a sense or a feeling of belonging and that belonging was tied to their social ties (Ferguson, 2010). Individual psychology also makes the assumption that individuals are conscious of their thoughts and feelings and are personally responsible for how they respond or behave in a given situation (Overholser, 2013). Alfred Adler contributions to the theory of personality centered on the importance of society. Adler felt that as humans, individuals are all connected together and through that connectedness, one cannot do anything without it affecting society as a whole (La Voy, S, Brand, S., Matthew J. L. McFadden, R., 2013). Adler’s goal as a therapist was not concentrated so much on the individual’s issues for the purpose of just the patient, but also to contribute to the health of society. To Adler, strengthening society is what was needed for individual survival. As an end product of caring for society, the individual is cared for by society (La Voy, S, Brand, S., Matthew J. L. McFadden, R., 2013). The humanistic Approach Erich Fromm was a very well-known psychoanalyst who did not associate himself with any other theory of personality. Fromm called his approach to psychoanalysis the “humanistic approach” (Contemporary Psychoanalytic Studies, 2010). Fromm believed that peopled were left without the adaptive instincts they were meant to have when they were taken away from the primordial natural world which includes their union with nature and... ... middle of paper ... ...ave made important important contributions the area of psychotherapy that can be useful to modern day issues that counselors are faced with. It is critical for one working in the area of therapy of any kind to know what position they hold on human nature and the therapeutic approach or approaches they favor. It is especially important for a Christian counselor with a biblical worldview to be solid in their theoretical view. As helpers of those in need, a Christian counselor should choose a therapeutic approach to psychotherapy that aligns as closely as it can with Scripture and God’s commands. Not all of the assumptions of these approaches can be integrated into a biblical counseling model. There are some assumptions however that mentioned in the text that can be used in a counseling model that incorporates the Father in Heaven and his desires for human behavior.

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