Albert Bandura And Social Cognitive Theory

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Social Cognitive Theory has been around for quite some time and is well known and recognized in education. It used in classrooms all around the world and it came about from a psychologist named Albert Bandura. It highlights that people are the cause of their own behavior and that they have control over their behavior. He has also been focused on the on the ways that people influence behavior, thoughts, and learning of others. His early work; modeling learning through the observation of others. His classic doll experiment in the early 1960s demonstrated that children could mimic novel actions just by seeing an adult engage in them. This challenged existing beliefs that most learning occurred through conditioning or a system of reinforcement or punishment. The finding that learning could occur through simple observation has had significant implications, particularly for the development of children. As he explored the effects and potential of modeling, Bandura began to wonder about the role of individuals’ beliefs about their ability to succeed at a task, or their sense of self-ef...

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