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Alan Paton
There are not very many authors with international fame from South Africa. However, there is one very famous author named Alan Paton. A lot happened during his life period. For example, you have the Cold War, World War I, World War II, The American Dust Bowl, The Great Depression, and many other historical events. When taking a deeper examination at author Alan Paton, one must take account of his personal background, influences, and take major works into consideration, along with many other accomplishments. In this paper, we will explore some important events in South African novelist Alan Paton’s life.
Alan Paton was born in Pietermaritzburg, Natal, South Africa in 1903. He was born Alan Stewart Paton and was the son of Eunice Warder Paton and James Paton (Witherbee 1). Alan married Dorrie Paton in 1928. In 1930 the couple had their first child and named him Dave. A second child was born of Alan and Dorrie, his name was Joseph. In most of his childhood, his country was split in racial and religious tension. His father was very strict with Alan and taught him Christian teachings. At the early age of eleven, Alan Paton enrolled at the University of Natal. Alan Paton graduated when he was just fifteen years old. Alan got his degree in physics. For three years after his graduation from college, Alan taught at Ixopo High School. He later migrated back to Pietermartizburg to teach at Martizburg College. A few years later down the road, Alan found his calling in politics. Mister Paton had a sustainable amount of interest in racial relations. He joined the South African Institute of Race Relations. He did this in the year 1930. Paton was the founder of a political party in South Africa and became its president (Quinn). Miste...

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...that was inoperable in his throat. Alan Paton was eighty-five when he was diagnosed and passed away. He passed at his home in Botha Hill, South Africa on April 12, 1988, only a few days after being diagnosed. Mister Paton had a phenomenal repercussion on his country, not only that, but also the world. He brought the controversy of South Africa to the world’s attention. Alan Stewart Paton had an immeasurable significance on society. From matters of helping form political parties to support liberating his home country, to helping with racial issues, and many other issues in this country, it is unclouded that Alan Paton encouraged his country to change for the better. When taking a deeper examination at South African author Alan Paton, one must take account of his personal background, influences, and take major works into consideration along with other accomplishments.

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