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I have always admired Al Gore, and after watching this film, I am disappointed even more now, that he never became a president. He is indeed very smart and very talented person, who truly desires to change things not only in the United States but around the world. Especially, after watching his film about global warming, he made me feel like he does really care about the world and people. He said: “what we take for granted might not be here for our children,” to me, perhaps, this is the most moral idea that came across the entire film. Not only his words, but his actions prove his true diligence about our present and future, and also about future generations. He was able to deliver an important message to me, which ought to alert me and…show more content…
In the film, Gore talked about the ice core drills that were taken in Antarctica for studding carbon dioxide levels in preceding years. “When the snow falls it traps little bubbles of atmosphere. They can go in and measure how much CO2 was in the atmosphere the year that snow fell.” Gore’s partner pointed at the specific part of one of the core drills and said “right here is where the US Congress passed the Clean Air Act.” He could see a significant change, “just a couple of years after that law was passed, it 's very clearly distinguishable.” The Clean Air Act was passed in December 17, 1963, and the significant change from pollutants in the atmosphere was obvious. Generation of that time have experienced clean ecosystem. But what about present? The technology and industries have grown since then. Present pollutions contaminating the atmosphere more than ever before. New similar acts must have been passed decades ago. It is disappointing when candidates who are running for president pledge to something’s just to get more votes, and once they are, they would never bother about keeping the promise. Like the Al Gore said “in 2000 my opponent pledged to regulate the CO2 and that was not a pledge that was kept.” This is immoral and unethical concerning society and nature. Today, global warming issue is also politically ignored. When Gore showed the chart with predicted CO2 level in 50 years from 2005, the…show more content…
In its place we are entering a period of consequences." According to the facts that were mentioned by Al Gore in the film, I believe we are already living in the period of consequences. He said “carbon dioxide have never gone above 300 PPM,” but according to NOAA most recent global monthly mean of CO2 in September 2015 was 397.08 PPM. Due to such climate change, most recently the world has experienced most severe natural disasters, even in places where normally such disasters are not expected and abnormal. Also, in the last quarter century 30 new diseases were emerged even deadly like Ebola. “We don 't have that luxury anymore. We didn 't ask for it, but here it is” (Al Gore). We don’t neither do animals. A scientific study shows that polar bears are drowning in the Arctic Ocean and that has never happened before. Due to swimming long distances, up to 60 miles, and without finding the ice that they depend on for resting, they

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