Al Capones Pizza

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Rich Canore 4/8/02
Business Analysis of Company Economics

The type of business that I selected is a pizza store, called Al Capones. This business specializes in the making of pizza. The competition that this business has to deal with is the two local pizzerias that are down the block from this establishment. The franchise Dominos is also one of their main competitors. This Pizzeria’s marketing strategy is running commercials that show, how they can deliver faster and better pizza than Dominos. The also have the deal where if its not there in 20 minutes its free, just like Dominos used to have. The store’s logo is on a giant banner, of a gangster like cartoon character, with a catchy saying. This establishment is pretty much recession proof. This is because people will always be hungry for some great pizza. This pizzeria also has an expanding market line in that they come out with tons of toppings, they have over 50 different combinations of toppings for your pizza pie, I think this is great, there is such a variety of them its unbelievable. I’m sorry to say I haven’t tried out many of their toppings because I’m a very picky eater.

The thing that is special about this pizzeria is that they only offer you pizza pies. They sell nothing else; you can’t even get a slice there, its just either a small, medium, or large pie. Some may be discouraged about this, but the thing that makes this place very unique is how they have over 50 different combinations of toppings for your pizza pie. From anchovies to zucchini, you can get just about anything you ask for on your pie... that is as long as they have it.
This pizzeria’s expenses are pretty small. Since it is family owned, the owner has his children work there for about ten dollars. Also since this place is very tiny, it only needs one to two people to be there at a time. There are no real benefits for working there, just that the success of the store can directly affect the worker, because the owner is their parent. There isn’t really much technology involved in the making of pizza, just that the have the regular oven, and then the traditional brick oven, their brick oven pizza is great. The problem with this place is that their prices are a bit too expensive than most other pizzerias.

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