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A Classic Erie Restaurant
Dining at popular chain restaurants can get boring after awhile, as they tend to have similar atmospheres and can be predictable. Local restaurants, however have a special charm and family feel to them. Every city has their own few special family owned restaurants that are well known amongst the city’s residents. In Erie, PA one of these restaurants is known as Syd’s Place which is located on West Lake Rd near the peninsula. Established in 1933, Syd’s Place has become a staple for many Erie residents as well as those visiting the city. Originally opened and run for decades by Steve and Shelley Evans, Syd’s Place switched hands to new owners Rich Hodges and Mark McCain in 2014. Luckily, this did not change the atmosphere of the restaurant at all, or stop regular customers from continuing to come in.
Many of the customers are regulars who have been coming to the restaurant ever since it first opened, which is why the owners make it a priority to provide a consistent menu with the customer’s favorite entrees. The restaurant strictly serves dinner options, as it opens its doors at 4pm. The menu consists of seafood, pasta, steak, and sandwiches, as well as a daily entrée and soup specials, allowing every customer to find something that appeals to them on the menu. Although the menu features a wide variety of food, many of the options, especially the seafood, can be quite pricey for many customers. This results in many customers only being able to come in for special occasions, as the food is too expensive to pay for on a regular basis. Some of the restaurants most popular items, such as the prime rib, are only available on the weekend, resulting in customers who come into the restaurant specifically for thos...

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...oom tending to the guests and assuring that they are having the best experience possible. Many customers who end up choosing to host their event at Syd’s have a great experience, and continue to come back to Syd’s to host various events.
If you are looking for a local restaurant to provide you with good food, and a great experience, then Syd’s Place is the perfect restaurant. Even though the food is on the expensive side, and there may be a long wait on weekends, once seated the food will not disappoint. The atmosphere will provide individuals from out of town with the opportunity to learn more about Erie, and experience popular food that is unique to the area. In addition, Syd’s Place will provide customers from the Erie area with a family friendly restaurant and banquet hall that they can rely on to consistently provide great food, and an overall good time.
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