Establishment Essays

  • Observation Of A Bar Observation

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    five different establishments Curves fitness center, bicycle shop called Bicycle Boulevard, a bakery called Lucy’s Sweet Surrender, a picture shop called Moto Photo and, a hair and nail shop around the bar and grille. There were many cars going up and down the street as I was going into the bar. There was a shopping plaza right across the street from the bar. I went to the bar on Tuesday September 22th, it was about 8 p.m. the sun had just gone down. As I walked in the establishment the room

  • Hospitality Financial Ratios

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    to identify and document financial issues and produce information regarding an organization’s assets, liabilities, and investments. Through this process, the management of a hospitality establishment understands and interprets financial ratios, which are crucial for basic control of operations in the establishments. Some of the most important financial ratios in hospitality accounting include average daily rate, occupancy percentage, room sales to total sales, cost of food sold percentage, profit

  • A Response to Hubbard’s essay Science, Facts, and Feminism

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    objective look at the world around us because science is constantly affected by society and the political establishment. I agree that it is impossible to claim that science is in every way separate from politics and power because those types of people who created the political world also created the scientific world to supplement and support it. For example, the government, a political and power establishment, created the Manhattan Project and put a huge amount of funding into a scientific project that produced

  • Cerar's Barnstormer Restaurant Description

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    Located east of the small town of Monmouth, Illinois is Cerar’s Barnstormer. Cerar’s is very unassuming from the outside. There are no gleaming neon signs, outdoor smoking areas or music played over speakers like you’d find at, say, Texas Roadhouse. It has a simple, lighted sign displaying the restaurant’s name and a tattered orange windsock reflecting the aviation theme for which it’s named and decorated. Looks, however, can be deceiving; as is the case with Cerar’s Barnstormer. Once inside you’ll

  • Online Presence And Online Restaurants

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    “fan” or “follower” base, by reaching out to tech-savvy customers who rely on social media to make dining choices. Having this online presence is easy, but what is important are the techniques and information used to advertise and promote the establishment. Jordan Melnick explains, “gaining access to consumers as they go about their daily lives is a marketing holy g...

  • Saloon Culture

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    type Melendy calls “saloons [of] workingmen’s districts” (Melendy, pg. 77). He illustrates these clubs as home away from home. They supplied the basis of food supply for those whose home was in the street or for those residents of cheap lodging establishments. It is even stated that many saloons provided free lunches. The article discusses the need for these early Chicago saloons as a neighborhood commune for those men who labor long hours only to come home to poverty and despair of a desolate household

  • Smoking In Public Places - Smoking Bans

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    public places. Many argue that allowing people to smoke in public places proposes serious health risks for innocent bystanders. Though the health risks are high, many still oppose the proposal of such laws. Business owners presiding over such establishments as bars and restaurants worry that the smoking bans will severely hurt their revenues if passed. While this is an understandable concern, the health of our communities citizens is much more important than the loss of a handful of customers for

  • Al Capones Pizza

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    pizzerias that are down the block from this establishment. The franchise Dominos is also one of their main competitors. This Pizzeria’s marketing strategy is running commercials that show, how they can deliver faster and better pizza than Dominos. The also have the deal where if its not there in 20 minutes its free, just like Dominos used to have. The store’s logo is on a giant banner, of a gangster like cartoon character, with a catchy saying. This establishment is pretty much recession proof. This is

  • Mcdonaldization Of Society

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    aspect of today’s society has been affected by McDonaldization including the restaurant business, education, work, healthcare, travel, leisure, dieting, politics and the family (Ritzer, 1996, 1). I observed three East Side Mario’s Restaurant’s establishments while the dinner menu was being served on Saturday evenings between 6pm and 8pm to evaluate the ways in which McDonaldization has affected their company. On January 29th I visited East Side Mario’s in London, Ontario, on February 19th I visited

  • Science of Flavors

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    restaurants works on brand recognition there is a standard system for every aspect of the restaurants niche that each establishment must follow. In addition, since these casual dining establishments work on a volume base commission, they need to produce good food, fast; furthermore, each dish needs to be the same every time. The consistency of the food throughout every chain establishment produces a problem in the casual dining nation, which is why all the franchises are turning to the science of food;

  • How Contrasting Places Contribute to Theme

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    insecure in a strange environment. At home, one may feel comfortable and relaxed. This brings about the phrase “home sweet home.'; This same idea helps contribute to the central meaning of Jane Austen’s work Pride and Prejudice. The two establishments of Netherfield and Pemberley are as different as night and day in the way they bring out the attitudes and actions of Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. In Netherfield, it is evident that pride is part of Mr. Darcy’s nature and is seen

  • Sketchers Advertising

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    goods and services and to give information about a certain product. Organizer of event, this is to promote events such as the cinema, theatre, and charity events. Political party, this is to win support on votes, to lobby government. Educational establishments. Which are to advertise colleges and universities. There are also other forms of advertising such as: charity, media, government and private individual. There are also many pros and cons of advertising. The pros are that the advertisements bring

  • Spinoza And Free Will

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    Whether or not there is free will is yet to be determined but what we have to go on and by is from philosophers and every person who has their two cents to fill in. In this discussion of philosophy there will be points made for and against the establishment of free will and basis for judgement of free will exists or not. Spinoza, Paul, Augustine, Luther have all grappled with this question of free will for many years. What has been said goes to a religious side. Which has been believed of an omnipotent

  • Internet and Education

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    Internet and Education Since the Internet was created it has always had an effect on education. After military establishments Universities were the first real contributors to the Internet's structure. The Internet has vastly improved education. There are so many ways that education and the Internet are connected these days. Almost every textbook has a corresponding Internet sight including the one for this course. [ Some sites like these contain valuable

  • Marijuana as a Subculture

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    Its recreational use was restricted to jazz musicians and people in show business. “Reefer songs” became the rage of the jazz world. Marijuana clubs, called tea pads, appeared in every major city across the country. Authorities tolerated these establishments because it was not illegal or considered a social threat. In the early 1930’s marijuana became stereotyped as a violent drug, and by 1936 was illegal in all states. Marijuana research was at a stand still and the thought of it being a violent

  • prohibition

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    1719 were against drunkenness, not against drinking. The first law that limited liquor sales was implemented because of the religious beliefs of citizens. This particular law was passed in New York in 1697; it ordered that all public drinking establishments be closed on Sunday because, on the Lord's day, people should be worshiping the Bible not the bottle. In 1735, the religious had a prohibition law enacted for the entire state of Georgia. The law was a complete failure and was abandoned in 1742

  • Outline on John Bede Polding

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    like one of his priests, saying Mass daily in various stations, often in the convict prisons, teaching the Catechism, hearing the confessions of multitudes, and attending the sick and dying. He obtained permission to give retreats in the prison establishments, and between 1836 and 1841 no less than 7000 convicts made at least ten days' retreat under his guidance.¡¨ Because of his good work the authorities began to bring every new shipload of Christian convicts to him, and he assisted all of them personally

  • Comparing The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Pleasantville

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    it very easy to compare Huckleberry Finn to Pleasantville. Although the plot of each story is very different, Huckleberry Finn and Pleasantville have the same motifs. Both the movie and the book have the motifs of going west, rebel vs. the establishment and Jim Crow/Shaman. This essay will compare these common American motifs. The "go west" motif is about the characters running away or escaping from where they previously were (this doesn't necessarily have to include a trip west). In Huck

  • Eureka!

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    Eureka! Nearly four decades after the events at Eureka Stockade, Henry Lawson marked the death of the battle's leader, Peter Lalor, with an anti-establishment piece of verse, 'Eureka!'. In this and other poems such as his first, 'The Republic', 'The Fight of Eureka Stockade' and 'Freedom of the Wallaby', Lawson may well have been trying to light the fire of Australian nationalism and a move to independence with our own flag, The Southern Cross. To many, the Eureka rebellion of the 3rd of December

  • Analysis of George Orwell’s Essay, A Hanging

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    George Orwell’s feelings through his experiences in his essay “A Hanging.” We come to realize that George Orwell, a visitor from the European establishment, gets the opportunity to participate in the execution of a Hindu man. The author is degraded by what he has witnessed and experienced, and decides to share his feelings with the rest of the establishment through his writings. We understand that the author’s purpose is to show how degraded he feels by the events that took place that morning in