Aircraft Propeller Design Details and Operation

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Decades and decades were spent on research before humans were able to taste what flying was like. Finally after years and years of research, flying was accomplished. An airplane is made up of various parts, and we could spend hours and hours explaining what are some of the components that make an airplane fly. However the big component that gives an airplane its required thrust will be discussed in the following pages, that big component is the propeller. There are many types of propeller, such as ground adjustable propellers, two position, controllable pitch, automatic pitch, reversing, and beta control propellers, constant speed, fixed pitch, and full feathering. However the propeller types that will be talk in depth are the constant speed, fixed pitch, and full feathering. Staring with the basic, what is a propeller? An aircraft propeller can be considered a simply rotating wing of equal length, meeting at the center hub attached to the crankshaft of the aircraft engine and working their way through the air mainly by means of their shape. The revolving airfoils of the propeller mounted on a horizontal shaft will exert a pressure on the mass of air encountered, throwing it back and producing a forward reaction known as thrust (thrust is the force that tends to pull the aircraft forward). In a propeller blade as the relative wind meets the blade, is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the resultant of two velocities, the rotational velocity of the blade element under consideration and the velocity of the air flow as it approaches the propeller. Since the propeller blade is moving forward and downward, the relative wind is backward and upward, opposite to the direction of the resultant of the two velocities. As prev... ... middle of paper ... ...erformance becomes one of vital importance. Under all types of conditions the propeller must not lose its efficiency, it must be a precision instrument, a perfectly balanced and relatively light instrument actually doing the work of a locomotive. Years of labor, research and scientific experiments gone into making of the propeller, all of this to allow the humanity to experiment what flying is like. Works Cited

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