The Sinking of the Titanic

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The story behind the titanic is controversial, some people have seen the movie but they do not know the real facts behind it. This essay is going to talk about the main factors behind the Titanic’s failure, the design, the manufacturer, materials, the crew, survivors, Cost of building the ship, the engine, as well as human errors, and the cause from different point of views. The ship's captain was Edward Smith. The Titanic was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland on the spring of 1909, for transatlantic passenger and mail services, it was recorded that 15,000 workers helped in the building of the Titanic, on 14/04/1912 it departed from Southampton, England, heading to New York across the Atlantic Ocean but it went through freezing weather condition with many icebergs owing to human and mechanical errors, along it’s sail, the ship did not succeed in crossing the Atlantic Ocean and it cause many deaths and lot of pain for their families. Design and manufacturer 3,000,000 of materials used in the construction of the ship The titanic have used mixture of from iron and steel Titanic was conceived with only three funnels to service the massive boilers, The White Star Company thought it necessary that a ship of such grandeur must possess four funnels. There are only three of the funnels that were functional and the fourth one was purely aesthetic, Smoke and waste gasses were expelled through the first three funnels. There were twenty four double boilers and five single boilers, which were housed in six boiler rooms. The double boilers were 20 feet long. There is three propellers which were working by the steam, the rotation of the propellers were working by the movement. The process of transferring the anchor was a struggle. T... ... middle of paper ..., and it has also enabled them to build bigger ships which has the capacity of caring large number of people, as well as more number of survival boats, and emergency radio communicators, computer and satellite to enable the captain or crew members to get help when faced in trouble in bad waters, etc. Based on my own view point Reference Aloridge, A. (2008). The sinking of the titanic. New York: library of congress Beveridge, B. (2009). The Ship Magnificent, Vol 2 Fowler, D. (2011).Titanic facts. Available: Last accessed 21/02/2014 History of the titanic. Available at: Last accessed 06/03/2014 Henry, J. (1998). Sinking of the Titanic eyewitness accounts. New York: Dover Publications Park, L. (2011). The sinking of the titanic. New York: The Rosen..Vol 25
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