Airbnb Case Study

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This controversy is one of the reasons that share culture is so fascinating. Where is the balance between the benefit to the consumer and the loss of business to companies such as taxicabs, whose customers are being pulled toward other alternatives like Uber and Lyft? The pros and cons have been hotly debated, and even the legality of the sharing culture is in question. Airbnb home-owners are not subject to the room taxes hotels pay, which are a major source of revenue for cities like Los Angeles. Lyft and Uber were even issued a cease and desist order until their legality and licensing were established. The most important ingredient to share culture’s success is its power of accessibility. All of the mentioned companies are mainly accessible through mobile apps, which appeal highly to a younger generation, all the while, staying simple and understandable for the less tech-savvy. While taxicabs have attempted to sue Uber and Lyft for illegally stealing their customers, it is obvious that these companies have seen less success in recent years because they simply have not kept up with ...

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