Against Animal Testing Essay

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For many years, scientists have made numerous scientific advancements in the world. Over the years, scientists have been able to treat life-saving cures and beauty products that we now use in today 's society. Unfortunately, the only way that most of these scientists were able to get successful results, is at the price of animals ' lives. As a result of animal testing, over a million animals die and continue to suffer during testing and other experiments (PETA). Animal testing should be illegal because every life has value and testing on animals is cruel and inhumane. Scientists justify testing on animals by stating that animals have DNA that is similar to human beings. As a result, animal testing can save humans from unnecessary risk and…show more content…
In today’s society, science is more advanced than it was in the 1960s and 1970s. With these advancements, instead of using animals as test subjects, scientists are able to find a less expensive alternative for testing products. For example, according to Human Society International, to test for genetic toxicity a chromosome aberration cost $30,000 while an in vitro alternative method cost $20,000. Millions of tax dollars go to animal testing and the failures of animal experiments are becoming wasteful and costly. Animal testing has also been proven to not be a reliable method. About 94% of drug that is tested on animals fail human clinical trials because some animals do not show reactions to symptoms the same way humans do ( In 1959, the 3R’s were introduced by W. Russell and R. Burch as alternative experimental methods (Alternatives to Animal Testing and Research). The 3R’s were created to advocate testing methods that refine animal usage by eliminate pain and enhancing animal well-being , reduce animal use by decreasing the number of animals used and still attaining test objectives and replace animals use with either non-animal methods or less developed animal species (Alternatives to Animal Testing and Research). One alternative that can be used instead of animals is the in vitro, or test tube, method; it based on human cell and tissue structure. In vitro has been proven to be an effective method for research because many women into today’s society use this method to procreate. Another method of a non-animal testing is computer modeling; it allows researchers to develop a wider range to simulate human biology and shows the progression of developing diseases (PETA). Due to the fact that it is computer-based, it can completely replace the use of animals and provide a sophisticated estimate for the human

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