Affirmative Action: Equality for All?

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Affirmative Action: Equality for All?

Affirmative action in the United States has become a misused and misguided practice in modern times. In the current form of affirmative action, it is impossible to create a truly equal society. It was originally used as an equal opportunity measure to allow qualified minorities into positions they were denied because of race. However, affirmative action has become a system of racial quotas that lowers standards for minority applicants in order to give them a chance to succeed in universities, jobs, and leadership positions. At first, it may not seem like such a bad idea to have racial quotas because it increases diversity. But with racial quotas qualified applicants to universities, jobs, etc aren’t allowed to receive the position they are qualified for because of the quotas based on race. Affirmative action contradicts itself, by saying that racial discrimination is wrong and we should all have equal opportunities in a color-blind society but then gives opportunities solely based on race. Affirmative action is unethical and this idea is supported by moral philosophy subjects such as Kantianism, Utilitarianism, Social Contract, and Virtue Theory. Arguments against affirmative action are that it: creates reverse discrimination, lowers standards for minorities, and demeans true minority achievement. Arguments supporting affirmative action are that it is needed to: compensate minorities for centuries of slavery or oppression, assist students starting at a disadvantage, and increase diversity.

One argument against affirmative action is that it leads to reverse discrimination. Affirmative action is a preferential system set up for the benefit of minorities, if two equally qualified candidate...

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