The Negative Effects of Affirmative Action on Education

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Imagine going through your school years working hard academically in hopes of going to a respectable college and broadening your horizons. Unfortunately, many students in America strive to reach this goal only to be rejected because the university had to meet a racial quota. Every year in America many students are turned down from colleges because the University was required to select a set amount of minorities before them thanks to something knows as affirmative action. On the other hand, you may be a minority who simply can’t earn the feeling of equality because of educational and employed handicaps. Affirmative action in our education system it an unjust practice that we can do without if we can learn to live in a color-blind society.

Affirmative action was first established in 1961 in order to ensure that minorities could secure a job based on their race and nationality. By doing this, the government hoped to make up for past discriminations by giving minorities an equal chance in the world of employment. In later years, the Supreme Court decided to incorporate affirmative action in universities requiring them to pick a set amount of minorities to attend their school. This has caused many problems and harsh feelings of unfairness and thoughts of reverse discrimination ever sense.

Affirmative action in education was originally intended to guarantee people equally protection under the law for minorities in schooling. It was also designed to destroy discrimination in job fields based on ones color of skin. What this ended up doing however is called reverse discrimination. Now non-minority individuals who work hard to earn a spot in employment can easily be passed over simply because they are non-minority. While this does help...

... middle of paper ... handicaps can we truly treat one another as equals.

Hopefully we can all se these negative effects that affirmative action in education has caused on all people. Our systems can work well and possibly better without it. Many believe that without it we would feel a better sense of equality and individuality. We need to adapt to a color-blind society where race is no longer an issue in the fields of education and employment. By failing in eliminating affirmative action we have caused previous cases and battles in the past such as Brown v. Board of Education lose their significance in the world of today. We need to remember why we have come this far and what those people who fought for equal protection and representation intended for the people of the future. Only by brushing away discrimination and handicapped education laws can we ensure equality for everyone.
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