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While turning the pages of the January 2010 Seventeen magazine, suddenly a lustrous, dripping image catches one’s eye. Looking closer at the image, the person’s curiosity races and wonders: What is that? Glossy swirls and fruit-like colors begin to put the images into perspective. It is the new SHINEsensational lip gloss by Maybelline. Placing the lip gloss in Seventeen magazine promotes that it is affordable and unique, two product characteristics that Seventeen magazine is known for. Typically Seventeen magazine reaches towards teen females who are interested in beauty and relationships. To fulfill this criteria, “how-to” tutorials teach girls how to alter their image along with promoting the products that are used. Keeping the content interesting, relationship advice is shares love and trauma stories. Accommodating both categories, the lip gloss allows self confidence to grow and relationships may spark from that. Knowing this, the ad effectively persuades teenage girls by the style of the magazine, images of fruit, the flawless appearance of the advertisement, and the typography that subconsciously enter their minds.

Publishing the magazine on different types of paper changes the consumer’s attitude toward the magazine. Publishing the magazine with different types of paper alters the consumer's attitude toward the magazine. Having the false appearance of being polished, the texture of the advertisement paper enhances the already luscious look of the lip gloss. Therefore the paper used in Seventeen magazine is not a low-grade paper nor is it card-stock; instead the paper has a fair weight and is glossy. The paper that the magazine is printed on shows that the magazine can have a higher class look for an affordable price; thu...

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... the advertisement is shown by the smooth lip gloss. The glassy appearance is covering the whole advertisement, the images gleaming off the page if held in the light. Lastly the advertisement is yummy because of the fruit and succulent feel of the advertisement. In addition the text that is on the product itself is memorable. Having the metal silver contrast against the neutral colors of the lip gloss product make them stand out in one’s mind; therefore the product will be more recognizable in store.

The lip gloss seems like it was created for a fairytale, yet the experience is only a short-term dream created by the clever advertisers of Maybelline in an issue of Seventeen magazine. Attracted by the style of the magazine, the fruit images, the flawless woman, and the subtitles, teenage girls are inclined to buy their products to stay up to date in today's society.
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