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Advertisement Analysis
Market segmentation
In today's business world, media is being used to promote a lot of product and services to potential customers. Magazines are more often used and read by very many people whereas many companies do use them in the promotion of their business. Besides, the adverts tend to capture the attention of the readers making them develop the interest of purchasing the products or using the services provided by the company. The advert that I found most interesting and amazing that needed to be researched although it’s from June 26, 2015 found in the Iams magazine, concerning the selling of food for the dogs. This advert has its main …show more content…

The advertisement has a reasonably indicated audience of individuals with dogs and utilizes this strategy to attract readers. The magazine has a dog and a kid occupying the larger part of the advert.
The advert shows a little girl seated on a carpet together with a dog. It seems the girl has just finished painting the dog’s nails as if it’s a lady. The girl seems to be so much in peace with the dog as they are staring at each other directly into the eyes. Moreover, the advert has a phrase reading, “For a love that endures every fashion trend,” and a slogan, “keep love strong.” At the base of the magazine is a “2X the meat” and three bowls of the dog's food, and an indicator of more leading brands. There is also a packet of dog’s food in green color which resembles the color of the little girl’s …show more content…

The base of the page it says that it has two circumstances the meat as the main dog food brand. This specific advert has an interest by demonstrating two physical bowls of dog food when contrasted with another bowl of food to in representing the "double meat" concept. Advertisers realize that individuals need to purchase nutritious dog food so their dogs could live as far as might be feasible. The general cuteness that consumes the advert makes it exceptionally significant for the reader, so conceptually when they go to purchase dog food, the advertisement will pop up into their mind. This ad utilizes semiotics to send its message to the reader. Semiotics is the

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