Advantages Of Stakeholder Management

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Task two Stake holder strategy Task two will be looking at what is a stake holder and will describe how a stakeholder management strategy would be constructed while sticking to company policies and procedures for this project. Also this document will include a brief description on the benefits from a stakeholder management system on the project. Firstly the a stake holder is defined by Weiss 2006 “individual or group with an interest or share in an undertaking” this can also be described as a person or company that is affected by something for example it could stretch from a client right to the next door neighbour opinion. This shows how the influence of the person can be small or great but they would still be considered a stakeholder. Also a stake holder can be a good influence or a bad influence for example they could be a resource like materials supplier or they could be bad like a protester who wants to stop planning permission for the site. A stakeholder is consider to be one of the following owners,the users of the finished project, the managers of the project, the facilities manager, the people who designed the building, the shareholders who provided funds to make the project, legal authorities or local authorities, the principal…show more content…
it will also identify the key stake holders in the project and their level of authority. The stakeholder management system will document the strategies which will be used to manage the stakeholders according to their authority. A stake holder management system is also defined by APM knowledge as “Stakeholder management is the systematic identification, analysis, planning and implementation of actions designed to engage with

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