Advantages Of A Written Constitution

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The introduction of a written constitution into the United Kingdom would prove problematic for many reasons, firstly the executive wouldn’t have a potent reason to initiate. Legislature wouldn’t entrench due to the conflictions between a written constitution and parliamentary sovereignty and finally courts would not protect as they would be opposed due to there unelected status. However, there are some compelling reasons to consider a written constitution and it is possible that its benefits such as the ability to protect basic freedoms and its unambiguous nature could influence a wider interest, therefore pushing executives to initiate.

For a written constitution in the United Kingdom to be considered it must pass the legislative process,
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This would therefore impact the United Kingdom not only domestically but internationally. As well as this a change to the constitution would be problematic when it comes to social progression in the United Kingdom as the influence of pressure groups would decrease, this would be due to the inflexible nature of entrenched laws creating difficulties when amending or abolishing out of date or irrelevant laws put in place, further conflicting for parliamentary sovereignty. This can be seen in America as the written constitution states people have the right to keep and bear arms, this has caused many controversies and still the government have no power to adapt this out of date amendment. Yet, it can be debated that the public would have more say in the initial stages of developing certain amendments as the current government will no longer be able to simply shape the constitution to suit their situation. Furthermore, this would mean that an entrenched constitution throughout the United Kingdom would show structure and strength to other countries, proving commitment to their decisions through a mature democracy. This could encourage public and political interest in a movement towards a written
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