Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Dual Income Family

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The dynamics of the dual household has become challenging and demanding with balancing responsibilities of careers and raising children that can be stressful and rewarding for parents financially, mentally, and psychologically. Over the past thirty years, men have been the main support financially in the families while the women raised the children, but with increased opportunities available to women in the work force, it has changed the lifestyles of families causing advantages and disadvantages to a dual household.
Financial Impact
“The most obvious positive impact of dual career family is the greater economic security with both parents earning income.” (Nayab, 2010) Money worries lessons, because the couple has the money to pay the bills, the family can live a better quality of life with no worries and are able to afford what they want and just not need. Most dual income families can afford a nice house, car, and are able to participate in extracurricular activities as well as their children. With more economic stability with dual income families have less stress, depression and anxiety and the” ability to withstand the shock of being laid off.”(Nayab, 2010) There are disadvantages to having dual incomes and …show more content…

Whether by choice or economically there are negative and positive aspects to this way of living. It seems having a dual income family helps with more financial stability, but with young children, more bills, and the cost of living raising every year for the present and future, it can be stressful for couples. The saying of the more you make the more they take, not only speaks for what the government takes, but people tend to spend instead of save. People in general want to keep up with what the neighbors have and that can cause friction in the family. Sometimes it is easier to purchase what you want instead of what the needs of the family are. Dual incomes can be a double edged

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