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Adolf Hitler After World War 1, the German lose the war and Germans look forward into a new leader. At this time, Adolph Hitler came to power with his brilliant and effective ideas to recover the German economy and people started believing him. Following the World War 1, Adolf Hitler blamed Jews for the fall of German economy. By Anti-Semitism, Hitler led the mass extermination of Jews and other Non-Superior races led to the killing of more than 6 million people and recreating social and economy of European nations. Hitler’s movements made a terrible effect all over the world and the results can be still seen today. None of these things could be happening if the Germany won the World War 1.If the Germany was in a better condition after the WWI, Hitler was not going to power and take all those people’s lives and also the World War II was not going to happen. Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Austria as son of Alois Schickelgruber Hitler, an Austrian custom office and his third wife Klara Polzi. Hitler was born in a middle class family. As a child Adolf had strong leadership qualities. Even as a child he showed racial discrimination towards Non-Aryan races. He was a top excellent student in the elementary school, but he didn’t do well in his High School. So, his father told him to become a Civil Servant. But, Adolf dream was to become an artist. Later, he wrote: “I yawned and grew sick to my stomach at the thought of sitting in an office, deprived of my liberty; ceasing to be the master of my own time and being compelled to force the content of a whole life into blanks that had to be filled out” (Haugen, 20). At the age of 16, Hitler dropped out of high school. After his father’s death he moved to Vienna in hope of becomin... ... middle of paper ... ... Jews in Europe. This tragedy is called “The Holocaust”. German war under Hitler was so powerful at the beginning of World War II. Later, the Germany became weaker and weaker as they go through the battles. In 1943, at the battle of Stalingrad, the allied troops invade Berlin. He married Eva Braun on April 29, 1945 and wrote his final political testament. The next day (April 30, 1946) they killed themselves using poison tablets when they realize that they are no longer safer. Seven days after Hitler’s Death, Germany Surrendered. Hitler did many unthinkable horrible things during his lifetime. Adolf Hitler was a man with great dreams and has great leadership qualities. Hitler is considered as the most hated and evil person in the history mainly because of the Holocaust. We should be a man like Hitler in his brilliance and should not be like him in his beliefs. .
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