Adam and Eve

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Qualities of women were assessed and defined on the subservient and passiveness scale. The character of women is in direct effect of specific attributes like modesty, humility, chastity, temperance, and patience to name a few. These distinctive quality traits provide a description of someone who’s powerless on decisions with compliance at all times. Women from the Renaissance era must docile when speaking, and never speak out of anger or argue, nor must she be clever and witty. The detracted value of women was established long after Adam and Eve sinned together.

The marriage structure in the Renaissance era explicitly exhibits gender roles of husband and wife, and men and women. Marriage was construed as a dominant and authoritative link. In accordance to the Bible, it is the duty of the husband to govern his wife in the obligations of marriage, and maintain his wisdom and judgment to remain worthy in the eyes of God. Since marriage is a contract, the wife must be conventional of her husband’s control. If a woman marries then she’s in accord and must conform to her husband’s total control.

Authors Joseph Swetnam and Rachel Speght are on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to the true purpose of women in 1615. In Swetnam’s pamphlet, The Arraignment of Lewd Women, it is obvious that his perception of women is clouded by his presumptions ego. Speght's pamphlet A Muzzle for Melastomus was written in direct response to Swetnam's anti-female diatribe, which condemns women as immoral and pathetically inadequate. Swetnam is a misogynist and Speght is female warrior.

He composed four pamphlets of foolish concepts and illogical thoughts about purpose of women’s existence. In the pamphlet, Swetnam stated unwarranted ac...

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...the fruit from the Tree of knowledge. As Eve pulled the fruit from the tree, she offered Adam some; he knew it was wrong because God had warned him of the consequences. For their disobedience to God after he explicitly told Adam to reframe from eating from the Tree, they experience spiritual and physical death. Then God expelled them from the Garden. For placing their sins above God they entered the world with this sin upon their shoulders. The luxurious life was no longer accessible to Adam and Eve, now they will experience the suffrage like animals were now dangerous and carnivorous, women will experience pain during childbirth and thorns and weeds will strangle your harvest making planting difficult and man will have to work to eat. There was a small reference made about the original sinner who disobeyed God’s word, it was Satan not Adam and Eve.
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