Mary Wollstonecraft's A Vindication Of The Rights Of Woman

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Elusive Women Rights As widely cited the French Revolution served as the greatest war of liberation of the human race and decried as bloodthirsty lesson on the working of mob mentality. Women despite their extensive participation in the relatively legitimate and orderly legislative and political process, which characterized the first phase of the Revolution, as well as in the violence of the Terror were no better off in 1804 after the formulation of the Napoleonic Code. The question asked is plain. How did women after achieving hard-earned triumph, slip back to the controlling rule of men? The answer lies in the contemporary notions about women, and the image of the ideal revolutionary mother and wife propounded by philosophers, political leaders, and even women of the time. This is essentially the focus for this paper, as the paper expounds on the seemingly elusive women rights In the analysis of the issue in question, I have considered Mary Wollstonecraft’s Text, Vindication of the Rights of Woman. As an equivocal for liberties for humanity, Wollstonecraft was a feminist who championed for women rights of her time. Having witnessed devastating results or men’s improvidence, Wollstonecraft embraced an independent life, educated herself, and ultimately earned a living as a writer, teacher, and governess. In her book, “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman,” she created a scandal perhaps to her unconventional lifestyle. The book is a manifesto of women rights arguing passionately for educating women. Sensualist and tyrants appear right in their endeavor to hold women in darkness to serve as slaves and their plaything. Anyone with a keen interest in women rights movement will surely welcome her inexpensive edition, a landmark documen... ... middle of paper ... ...mbers and market women, National Assembly worst fears concerning women seemed to be realized. Rather than using the new political rights and civil freedoms to better care for their families, women were swarming in the streets brandishing weapons at each other, meddling in political affairs, of which they had little knowledge and generally causing disorder (Landes 100). As a result, the Assembly felt that women had proven themselves as, “lacking in their physical as well as moral strength required to debate, deliberate and formulate resolution” declared Ander Amar (Wollstonecraft 87). Thus when, women broke out from their traditional sphere and used the newfound rights for purposes other than conversing with their men and educating children , they found themselves right where they had started, confined into the home and the suffocating embrace of their men.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the french revolution served as the greatest war of liberation of the human race and decried as bloodthirsty lesson on the working of mob mentality.
  • Analyzes mary wollstonecraft's text, vindication of the rights of woman, as an equivocal for liberties for humanity.
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