Adam And Eve In The Book Of Adam And Eve

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The term loss of innocence is an ambiguous term. Most commonly, loss of innocence is associated with virginity. Additionally, lost of innocence can be associated with adulthood. A person is no longer a child, and therefore may view the world differently than they did when they were a kid. As a child they may have been naive, unaware; not yet knowing the bad or evil that exists in the world. The idea of loss of innocence may even be traced back to the Book of Genesis and story of Adam and Eve. In this biblical narrative Adam and Eve experience a loss of innocence.
Adam and Eve in the Book of Genesis not only mark a loss of innocence, but for years the story has been used as a biblical teaching. It is an important story that sets up a relationship between God and mankind. The story begins with the phrase, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth," (Pagels, xi). From the opening words of the story God is deemed as the creator. He is the creator, the absolute being from which all other things are created. In the process of God's creation, he repeats the phrase "according to its/their kind," (Pagels, xi). He does this to emphasize that each creature has its own unique function, and to establish that there are limits and boundaries to each creatures existence.
There is a distinction, a type of separation that exists between God and all other beings. God is unlimited and infinite, where as all other things are limited and finite. Man exists somewhere in between a state of creatureliness and Godliness. Similar to the way that God has given commands to other creatures, he tells man that he should be "fruitful and multiply," (Pagels, xii). Man's purpose is to procreate, according to Genesis. Yet man's function is uniq...

... middle of paper ... ashamed that their bodies are naked. It is not the nakedness itself that brings shame, instead it is the fact that Adam and Eve suddenly come to know their own vulnerability, and that there is such thing as being exposed.
The loss of innocence for Adam and Eve is connected to the notion of truly "knowing" and "seeing." Before eating the forbidden fruit, they were in blindly living; abiding by the commands of God without question. It is the serpent who tempts them, and challenges God's authoritative power. Curiosity and knowledge are what lead Adam and Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Once they do, they realize the difference that exists between them and the creatures around them, between the physical bodies of Adam and Eve; difference exists everywhere around them. When Adam and Eve eat from the Tree of Knowledge, they then think and see for the first time.
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