Achievements Of The Pyramids In Upper Egypt, Lower Egypt

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also provided a mode of transportation and communication between Upper Egypt, Lower Egypt, and surrounding areas. The Nile River was the greatest route for agricultural trade of crops such as wheat, corn, barley, and etc. The Egyptians were a spiritual people who believed the Nile flood was a gift from the gods and if they abided by a cosmic order they would continue to be rewarded. Moreover, these people were blessed with having natural barriers in addition to the Nile. These barriers included the dessert to the west and east, Cataracts (rapids) to the south of the Nile, and the Mediterranean Sea to the north. These strategic barriers made the Egyptians territory secure from invasions, but did not hinder them from trading with neighboring…show more content…
The successes during this period include but are not limited to a powerful monarchial authority, bureaucracy, absence of invasions, construction of temples and pyramids, and cultural and intellectual activity. One of Egypt’s greatest achievements would be the creation of the pyramids in the Old Kingdom. The pyramids were built with the help of ancient mathematics. The Egyptians developed knew methods to make their pyramids such as using angles and creating Pi. These pyramids were dedicated to the dead and represented a flourishing culture. The Egyptians became a skilled people with Artisans that displayed high standards of craftsmanship in using their hands to create beautiful works of art. Not only did this civilization make art but they created hieroglyphics, meaning “Priest-carvings” or “sacred writings” as well. The Ancient Egyptians were a dynamic group of people with an overwhelming amount of…show more content…
Fill her belly; clothe her back. Ointment is the prescription for her body. Make her heart glad as long as you live. She is a profitable field for her lord. You should not content with her at law, and keep her far from gaining control…. Let her heart be soothed through what may accrue to you; it means keeping her long in your house.

This excerpt from the “Instructions” proved the importance of women in Egyptian society. Women in this civilization kept their inheritance even after marriage, but were still not allowed to hold certain job positions. The Greeks, specifically the Athenians, had a different style of community. Their community was dominated by males who played the largest role in public affairs. Boys went to school at age six to learn math, reading, and writing while girls studied at home to become home makers. An excerpt from Poem on Women in Sherman exclaims:
Another is from a bee; the man who gets her if fortunate, for on her alone blames does not settle. She causes his property to grow and increase, and she grows old with a husband whom she loves and who loves her, the mother of a handsome and reputable family… Women like her are the best and most sensible whom Zeus bestows on
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