Accounting Career Statement

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Throughout my life, I have heard that having a degree is having an expensive piece of paper. Actually listening to these words, to me, its saying they have the literary knowledge of a specific field; and that is much more than an expensive piece of paper. My motivation comes from every situation I have been through, struggling to realize that I do want a degree. As of now, my job title is an accounting clerk, I did happen to stumble into this career, I would be lying if I said otherwise. Being in this position for almost three years has helped me grow professionally and personally. I did not have any background in the accounting department, so every day I learn something new, because every day I am intrigued on how the accounting system works.…show more content…
When a friend of mine gave me an opportunity to come work with her for some extra cash, I took it. After a couple short weeks I was learning things quick and I was hired as a Part Time accounting clerk. Juggling my full time job, my part time job and a personal life was starting to take a toll myself, which my part time boss noticed and offered me a full time position as an accounting clerk, if I left my full time job with In N Out Burger. Without hesitation I took the offer, and moving forward I took it upon myself to look into take a couple accounting classes to move up within the company. Unfortunately, I was going through some personal problems with my now ex fiancé which lead me into withdrawing from the accounting…show more content…
As well as at home; I would be dedicating at least an hour per reading material and at least an hour per the coursework every week night. I would be added more study hours throughout the weekends as well. In situations where I need assistance I go to the ones who I know would help me best. My most recent situation where I needed assistance was at work. I was going through a bank reconciliation and I noticed the bank had processed a check twice. I have never seen this happen throughout the years; I immediately did some research and gathered as much knowledge about the situation as possible. Once I collected as much research I went to my boss who walked my through the process of how to handle this. Instead of doing the work for me, my boss was right beside me letting me contact the bank and fixing the error in our QuickBooks system. My boss knows that I excel better at learning new situations when I am more hands on with the
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