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Kayla is a third grade girl. She has 3 older siblings and 2 younger siblings. All are currently in the school system. All 7 students suffer from the same problem; they are constantly absent from school. Kayla’s grades have plummeted. At the beginning of the school year Kayla was an average student with areas of concern in reading. She showed documented progression in her Dibels and Weekly tests. In November, Kayla’s dad lost his job and has had little luck finding a long term position. He tries to find jobs in neighboring towns. Kayla’s mom has picked up a position at the neighborhood steakhouse/bar. She now works nights. There have been signs of alcohol abuse by dad and the older siblings are responsible for getting the younger siblings to school. Kayla and her siblings have all been referred to the Student Assistant Team (SAT). The team is wondering if the surge of absences this semester will have a long term effect on Kayla and are trying to decide what if anything they can do for her or her siblings. This scenario is not uncommon for many districts. Absenteeism has become an epidemic that is getting out of control. Many districts are now finding that the absent children are not just affecting the outcome of their grades but can also affect their peer’s grades, teacher’s plans, and standardized testing results. Why are children absent? There are four main variables for absences in school. Those factors include family, school, economic and student variables. As Kayla’s life, family problems can change the dynamics of a situation. There is an apparent lack of parental supervision of the children. Other family problems can include drugs, alcohol, mental illness and domestic violence. All of these can stop a... ... middle of paper ... ...rnor Heineman Signs Bill Updating Nebraska Truancy Statutes. May 11, 2011. Retrieved November 29, 2011, from. Heineman, Governor Dave (2011). Back to School. Retrieved December 1, 2011, from Magee, Maureen. (2010). Sign On San Diego. School Absenteeism has its Costs. Retrieved December 2, 2011, from Scotts Bluff Star-Herald (2011). Kearney Hub. Truancy Solution. Retrieved November 30, 2011, from SDA Public Schools (2011). Importance of School Attendance and Being to School on Time. Retrieved December 2, 2011, from

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that kayla is a third grade girl with 3 older siblings and 2 younger siblings. all 7 students suffer from the same problem; they are constantly absent from school.
  • Explains that absent children affect peer grades, teacher plans, and standardized testing results. absenteeism has become an epidemic that is getting out of control.
  • Explains that there are four main variables for absences in school: family, school, economic and student variables. other family problems include drugs, alcohol, mental illness, and domestic violence.
  • Explains that school climate can be a factor in absences, and that many students feel that their diversified needs are not being met.
  • Explains that poverty can cause issues of day care, lack of transportation for children and adults, and is a leading cause of high mobility rates.
  • Explains that student variables play an enormous role in the aspects of attending or not attending school. academic problems stemming from learning disabilities/difficulties and social behavior problems, struggle with drug and alcohol problems or mental illnesses.
  • Explains that parents and students don't understand why their absence of one day every few weeks is an issue or why taking their child out for a holiday is frowned upon by districts.
  • Explains that districts can lose funding based on absenteeism. if the bodies are not present, the money will not be either.
  • Explains that teachers have to find different ways to keep students up-to-date on information they have gone over in class; students that are not in attendance run the risk of losing information.
  • Explains that low test scores are a major issue for districts. in nebraska, truant 11th graders scored about 30 points lower than those who missed fewer than 20 days.
  • Explains that nebraska is trying to combat truancy issues through the legal system by updating nebraska school law with the revision of pl 79-257.
  • Opines that educating parents is the first step towards lowering truancy from schools. parents need to be informed of the harmful affects absences have on their child's education.
  • Explains how districts can help keep students in attendance by creating a school climate that is safe from bullies, racism, and diversity.
  • Explains that teachers are adapting their teaching methods to meet the needs of the ever growing population of absent students. technology has become a pinnacle practice in the classroom.
  • Opines that it is important for schools to establish the importance of being present everyday to the child, parent, and guardian. ensuring the laws are understood and the consequences that are to follow is vital to sustaining communication.
  • Opines that it is time for the school to step in and communicate with the parents about the importance of getting their children to school.
  • Cites hein, jen raie, cradduck, ashley. governor heineman signs bill updating nebraskatruancy statutes.
  • Explains that school absenteeism has financial-social-costs. kearney hub. truancy solution.
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