Abraham’s Obedience to God

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Abraham’s Obedience to God The life and history of Abraham, a man who is faithful and obedient to God, demonstrates how to live a purposed filled life with paths that are totally directed by the Messiah. After that, I sensitize this hypothesis that life is void until the will and purpose for being is fulfilled by acknowledging God and allowing him to direct life’s path. In earlier times, Abram and Sarai were without any children. The couple was in their late eighty’s and all hope of Sarai baring a child was gone. Sarai’s lack of faith and desperate desire to have a child resulted in her giving their slave-girl Hagar, unto her husband to bare a child, whom was named, Ishmael. Ten years after the birth of Ishmael, the LORD appeared to Abram with a plan and purpose that was far greater and more miraculous than ever expected. The LORD made a covenant with Abram that would change his life forever. When God steps into your life, he becomes your potter. He shapes and molds you into the vessel that he needs you to be in order to fulfill his WILL. Abram was shaped by the changing of his identity. God gave Abram instructions to change his name to Abraham and for Sarai’s to change her name to Sarah. God chose Abraham to ancestor a multitude of nations. This everlasting covenant with Abraham covered his offspring, and their generations. In addition, Abraham and his generations would populate the land of Canaan. God also told Abraham he would bless Ishmael with a great nation. Abraham was told to circumcise every male at eight days old. He was to circumcise Ishmael and any males bought with his money from any foreigners who were not his offspring. The circumcision would signify the covenant between Abraham and God. Abraham did not hesitate carrying out God’s orders. To receive the blessings God have for us, we must be obedient and we must carry out his orders exactly as instructed. When God has a plan and gives us an order, we must act on it immediately. Blessings may not always come when expected. God has set aside a season or time for which our plan will be implemented. For example, the LORD told Abraham that Sarah would bare and nurse her first son at the age of ninety, and whose name will be Isaac, a year from the time of their conversation.
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