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Abortion is deemed as the premature expulsion of the foetus from the

womb. Abortion is not a modern moral dilemma, contrary to what a lot

of people think. It has been an issue since Jesus' time, and before,

as even in the Old Testament times the law concerning abortion was

that if you killed an unborn child you were responsible to pay


In modern times, Parliament has debated the subject many times and has

drawn up two main reasons as to why an abortion can legally be carried

out so long as the pregnancy hasn't reached its 24th week. 1. That

continuing the pregnancy would involve serious mental or physical risk

to the woman or her immediate family or 2. If there is a strong risk

that the baby could be born severely handicapped.

In recent years only two percent of abortions happened due to these

reasons. The other 98% was for risk of 'psychological damage' to the


The main arguments for abortion, or pro-choice arguments are that a

foetus is not truly alive- whereas there can be no argument that the

mother is- therefore is not the mother's life worth more and more

important? This is one of the main debates that surround the

controversy of abortion- when does life really begin? At conception,

during pregnancy or at birth? Because of this, each side can always

say that the foetus is or isn't alive and that you are or aren't

killing a baby through abortion. Pro-choice campaigners also say that

doctors have no better right than the mothers to deem whether and

abortion is necessary. Additionally, they say that if abortions were

made illegal, thousands of women would risk their lives in dirty


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... they are physically or mentally handicapped- they can come to terms

with it- why can't we? I have noticed that all the arguments against

abortion are impersonal and are based on the idea that life doesn't

start until birth, but with medical advances a baby born as early as

24 weeks can survive in the world. So since birth is so unpredictable,

that cannot be seen as the start of life. I do think that by allowing

abortion, society is taking the easy way out and we should try for

better care for pregnant mothers who would otherwise abort.

In conclusion, I believe that abortion is wrong, and that it is

definitely a curse to society- through the trauma it causes, and the

money and the time it wastes on debates and arguments. I think we

should treat out bodies as God would want and our children, born and

unborn, likewise.
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